Reading Course

36 Lesson

Available Language : English

Room Capacity 12 Student

القراءة (1) - Reading (1)

القراءة (2) - Reading (2)

القراءة (3) - Reading (3)

36 Hour

  • About Course

  • If I were so weak in English, will you help me start from scratch?

    First, our experts run a placement test for the student to determine his/her language level and if they find out that the student is an absolute beginner, they add him/her to those who are in the same language level and that group is started with through mixing Arabic with English in the training process then taking Arabic out of the process gradually.

  • How will the student feel he/she is getting benefit of the course?

    EduFlex's platform shows the evaluation of the student depending on the degree of interaction in addition to the completion of the tasks that are required by the trainer which are usually group work among the students. And depending on what has been mentioned, the student can see the degree of his advancement in English based on a studied evaluation within criterion set by the academy to help its students improve.

  • Are the school students and the adults being taught in the same classroom?

    EduFlex Academy designed a curriculum for training kids and it includes ages 3 - 12 as well as another curriculum to those who are older, taking into account that school students are taught in separate classrooms than those who are older. Additionally, EduFlex Academy trained specialized trainers to train school students, university students and employees as well as specialized trainers to train the kids.

  • Since I'm learning English through EduFlex's platform, how can I get my certificate from the academy?

    Once the student passes the final exam for the level, he/she can simply print out his/her certificate from his personal account.

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